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Explore our collection of success stories and case studies to see how NextFan has helped teams, organizations, bands, and more achieve their fundraising goals. From youth sports teams to college athletics programs, Cooperstown tournament participants to talented bands, discover the power of NextFan in action. Learn how our platform has empowered them to raise funds, engage fans, and create unforgettable experiences. Visit the following landing pages to dive into specific examples.

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Palos Verdes HS girls soccer fan funding campaiagn
We're thrilled to launch our fundraising campaign for the Palos Verdes High School girls soccer program! By donating to our campaign, you'll not only be helping us raise funds for transportation, tournament fees, gear, and team outings, but you'll also receive exclusive fan rewards to show your support for the team.
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Retrofit's fan funding campaign
Join Retrofit in their mission of spreading good music! Support the band by purchasing merch and get personalized videos where we play songs on request. Let's rock together!
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Kei Kamara
Join us at Heart Shaped Hands in helping those who need it the most. Support our campaign to create a world full of happier, healthier people and a brighter future for all.
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