Maximize Your Band's Revenue Potential with NextFan!

Leverage the power of personalized video messages to engage with fans and offer unique experiences that translate into additional revenue streams. With NextFan, you can create personalized fundraising campaigns and offer exclusive rewards and incentives to your fans. Whether you're raising money for a new album, music video, or merchandise, NextFan makes it easy to connect with your fans and maximize your revenue potential. Check out our video demo to see how bands are using NextFan to connect and earn.

Fees & Pricing

There is no up front cost or monthly fee.
NextFan does not take a fee from the funds you collect, but we do pass on the credit card charges from our partner Stripe, which is about 3%.
All money earned will be paid out monthly by default. Other arrangements are possible.
How Does NextFan Make Money?
NextFan makes money on the optional service fee we add to every transaction. We give fans the option to slide that fee to 0% if they want.


Quick and easy setup
No cost to create an account
Keep all funds collected, minus credit card fees
Use video to speak directly to potential donors
Offer unique rewards and incentives
Effective sharing tools for maximum reach
Secure payment processing
Dedicated support and guidance


“NextFan has been a lifesaver for us. With their platform, we’ve been able to make money even when we’re not on stage. The personalized video messages and unique rewards have helped us connect with our fans in a new and exciting way, and we’re grateful for the support and guidance of the NextFan team.”
- Retrofit

Board of Advisors

  • Denny Hocking

    Played 13 years in the MLB, mainly for the Minnesota Twins and currently manages the U18 USA Baseball team.

  • Matt Reis

    Former UCLA Bruin national champion. Reis played 16 years in the MLS, primarily for the New England Revolution, then coached the USA National Team.

  • Nicole Reis

    Former UCLA Bruin softball national champion and professional US softball player.

  • Steve Shikiya

    Hollywood veteran currently the President of Imagine Entertainment, previously at Disney and 20th Century FOX.

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