Frequently asked questions

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What is NextFan?

NextFan is a platform that enables creators to connect with their fans and monetize their fanbase. With NextFan, creators can offer personalized fan experiences, build a community, and unlock revenue opportunities. Whether you’re a musician, athlete, or other talented individual, NextFan provides the tools to engage with your fans and achieve your goals.

Why is NextFan only available in the USA?

Currently, NextFan is focused on serving the US market as a start-up. However, we have plans to expand and offer FanFunding campaigns beyond US borders in the future.

Who can use NextFan?

NextFan is designed to cater to a wide range of personalities and organizations, including college athletes, bands, artists, comedians, youth sports teams, and any other person or organization that has a fan following.

Can NextFan be used for charity fundraising?

Yes, NextFan can be used for charity fundraising. While it is primarily utilized by bands, athletes, and other groups aiming to build a fan community and offer unique fan experiences for profit, it can also serve charitable causes. Whether you’re funding a youth sports team’s tournament fees or supporting a musical group’s album recording, NextFan provides a versatile platform for connecting with fans and raising funds for your passion or project, be it personal or profit-driven.

What kind of fan experiences can I expect from NextFan?

NextFan offers a variety of fan experiences including personalized videos, delivery of physical products, instant delivery of existing content, custom videos, and other unique opportunities.

Is my payment safe and secure with NextFan?

Absolutely! Your payment is safe and secure with NextFan. We use Stripe, a trusted payment processing platform, to handle transactions. We carefully screen all creators for fraud, and we never sell your data. Rest assured, your contribution goes directly to the chosen creator.

How can I start working with NextFan?

Click on the “Apply for NextFan’s Creator Program” button on the home page. Our team will promptly evaluate your application and provide you with a quick decision.

How much does it cost to use NextFan, and how much money do we get to keep?

Creating an account and setting up your campaign on NextFan is free of cost. By default, NextFan retains a percentage of the revenue collected on the platform.