Frequently asked questions

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What is NextFan?

NextFan is a fan-funding platform that connects fans with their idols. The platform allows fans to make contributions to their favorite personalities in exchange for exclusive fan experiences.

What is a FanFunding?

A FanFunding campaign is a type of crowdfunding campaign that is designed specifically for fans of a particular group or individual. It allows fans to support their favorite group or individual by making a monetary contribution in exchange for exclusive fan experiences, merchandise, or other rewards.

Is NextFan just for charity fundraising?

No, NextFan is not just for charity fundraising. While it can be used for charitable causes, such as funding a youth sports team's tournament fees, it can also be used for personal or profit-driven fundraising such as supporting a musical group's album recording, or generating income for a college athlete. NextFan offers a flexible platform for anyone looking to connect with their fans and raise funds for their passion or project.

Why is NextFan only available in the USA?

Currently, NextFan is focused on serving the US market as a start-up. However, we have plans to expand and offer FanFunding campaigns beyond US borders in the future.

Who can use NextFan?

NextFan is designed to cater to a wide range of personalities and organizations, including college athletes, bands, artists, comedians, youth sports teams, and any other person or organization that has a fan following.

What kind of fan experiences can I expect from NextFan?

NextFan offers a variety of fan experiences including personalized videos, delivery of physical products, instant delivery of existing content, custom videos, and other unique opportunities.

How does NextFan differ from other crowdfunding platforms?

NextFan is unique in that it offers fan experiences along with crowdfunding. This creates a personalized experience that brings the fan and idol together in a way not seen on other platforms.

How does NextFan work?

Fans can make contributions to their favorite personalities or organizations in exchange for exclusive fan experiences. The personalities or organizations use NextFan's sharing tools to share their campaign with friends and family via email, text, or social media. NextFan also provides a leaderboard to track progress and encourage competition.

Is my payment safe and secure with NextFan?

Absolutely! Your payment is safe and secure with NextFan. We use Stripe, a trusted payment processing platform, to handle transactions. We carefully screen all fundraisers for fraud, and we never sell your data. Rest assured, your contribution goes directly to the chosen fundraiser.

What happens if a campaign doesn't reach its goal?

If a campaign doesn't reach its goal, all contributions will still be paid out to the FanFunding creator.

How can I start a campaign on NextFan?

Simply click on the button "Start a FanFunding" on NextFan and follow the steps to set up your campaign and start connecting with your fans today!

How much does it cost to use NextFan, and how much money do we get to keep?

There's no cost to create an account on NextFan and set up your campaign. You'll keep all the money you collect, minus the exact credit card fees charged by our payment provider, Stripe. These fees are around 3%. This means more of the funds raised go directly toward your cause, and you can make the most out of your fundraising efforts.

How does NextFan make money?

NextFan offers an optional service fee during the checkout process, which allows purchasers to contribute to the platform's maintenance and improvement. This fee is adjustable and can be reduced to as low as 0%, giving users complete control over their contribution. Our focus is on providing a valuable experience for users and helping them succeed in their fundraising efforts, while maintaining transparency and fairness in our fee structure.